Yes that’s correct, Apple’s Developer Program where anyone can create and publish iOS, Apple TV/Watch, and Mac apps across Apple’s App Stores is now free. They waived the annual $99 plus tax requirement for having your own apps available on the app store(s). 

There’s A Catch Though

The only catch is this only applies to nonprofit organizations, schools, and government entities.

What About Indie Developers?

Nope, we still have to pay up the annual fee. When it comes down to it, that $99 annual fee is nothing, because sales are booming every single month anyways. It doesn’t take much to earn a few bucks, then after publishing some apps that have value, overtime sales eventually pick up and provide a nice flow of extra income.

How To Sign Up?

If your a nonprofit, school, or government entity: simply enroll in the program here and after getting an “enrollment id” request to have the fee waived here. Done.

What If I Don’t Qualify?

Then pay up, son! It’s only $99 a year, which brings me to my next question… If an organization cannot afford $99 a year, then how on earth are they still in business? Sounds more like a priority problem than a money problem to me. 

Anyways good for Apple for helping these entities. Let’s just hope they can afford good developers which are 100x more expensive than a yearly fee though.



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