May 14, 2016

MLA Citation Generator



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MLA Citation Generator helps create in-text citations and references for Modern Language Association (MLA) using the latest MLA version 7. We have awesome users who depend on MLA Citation Generator everyday for high school and college. Download our app now!


  • Print out in-text citations and references!
  • Download Word Document that meets all MLA format requirements.
  • Includes 14 in-text citations and reference generators. Supports Artwork, Books, Blog, Encyclopedia, Facebook, Google+, Government, Journal, Lecture, Magazines, Newspapers, Website, Twitter, and YouTube sources.
  • Easily share in-text citations and references.
  • Automatically saves generated results on your device.
  • Need more sources? Send a request and it will be added for free.


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Just as you find in-text citations and references cumbersome let’s help others benefit from this app.

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