Wait, did I just read that correctly? Yes, Microsoft has stopped supporting the Windows Phone and publicly made announcements that they switched to Android. Bill Gates could be the reason for the blame but who knows.

I find this news a little disappointing as I’ve spent hours making sure my apps run on Windows Phone 8.1 and 10. However changes like this are expected as new technology arrives, competitors make other products obsolete at a faster pace. Once a piece of software is created, its never a finished product, we must update it often to stay relevant. Unfortunately Windows Phone wasn’t innovated enough and didn’t keep up.

Moving forward this also means I have no reason to update my Windows Phone apps but will only focus on desktop versions for Windows 10.

No excuses

You either have results or excuses, which outcome would you prefer to live with?

I’ve noticed everyone has an app idea. Most are terrible but some are actually great ideas to pursue. However, it’s not the idea itself that matters but the way it is executed from creation to marketing. There is an app called “Yo”, all it does is send a simple yo message to your friends. According to Tech Crunch it was funded over $1.5 million from investors. I wouldn’t consider anyone’s app idea any less worthy of it’s potential success but this also doesn’t mean that every dumb idea will be successful funded either. Don’t make excuses on making that app idea of yours.


“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.” -Jim Rohn#inspire #NoMoreExcuses pic.twitter.com/on2XEk66oT

— Jonathan Gillman (@jonathangillman) May 7, 2017


So my advice is if your app idea gets you excited, go make it happen, whatever it takes. Let the market validate your idea, if it fails, learn why it failed, pick yourself up, and try another idea.

Welcome to appreneurship.


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Good idea

Before I started making mobile apps I was known as the computer guy who friends and family automatically volunteered my time freely to help everyone with their tech gadgets. While I do love helping people, it was getting a little out of hand and had to put an end to that. Since I’ve evolved into creating apps everyone tells me their “million dollar app ideas” and how I should make it for them and we could split the profits solely based on them giving me an idea. Needless to say I do all the work while they wait until I publish and they collect their share right? Nope sorry! That’s not how I work around here. The thing is, everyone has some app idea that they believe is worth a million dollars. While I can agree some ideas probably are, the factor that determines if an app is successful isn’t how pretty it is but how the market responds to it. It also takes quite a lot of hard work and patience. Some apps don’t hit big downloads its first month or even 5th, I’ve seen some hit a year later.

I have tons of app ideas written down all around my office but only a few ever get chosen. The thing for me is I have to have the passion for the idea to work, this passion is what I need to fuel my drive to finish the app all the way through. The process of creating an app, as simple as it sounds can reach complexities in the backend code that not even the best software engineers can predict or fully know until we dive in. It’s not uncommon to have to change the look and feel of software based on limitations or certain features allowed per device. Being an app developer is very rewarding but also has it’s challenges where the coder has to make the best decision for the circumstances given.

Ideas are a dime a dozen but, execution is how you get it done.

When I first had inspiration to create apps, all I had was an idea. I took that idea, laid out plans on how to make it happen and did it! My advice to you is if you have a burning desire for that app idea then make it today. The only person stopping your progress is you. If you don’t know how to create an app, find out how, look it up on the internet, its all freely available. What are you waiting for? If there’s no burning desire then you don’t have enough fuel to pursue it. At this point just forget about it and move on with life.

Should I make someone sign an non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for my app idea?

Are you serious? The likelihood of someone stealing your idea is slim to none. Even if they do pursue it their version will be completely different than yours. You came up with the idea, you possess the creativity that the other person lacks so you will be ahead of them anyways.

Someone stole my app idea, now what?

Great! This just verifies that your heading the right path or at least there’s opportunities awaiting. Just because someone has same app idea doesn’t mean you can’t create your own unique version of it. Don’t copy it though, make it unique with your own features that drive value.

I have a few competitors who offer free versions of similar app features mine possess. Since they hit the app store I’ve noticed my sales increase. I might send a thank you letter to my competitors one day 🙂

My perspective on receiving app ideas almost every week.

I love talking to enthusiastic people! I try to network with others as much as possible and when I talk about apps I seem to always get some kind of app idea. I’ll try to give my honest feedback but I tell everyone the same thing: if you want to create an app, then do it yourself! Unless you have money to invest with but honestly you’ll gain more by learning the process and creating the app yourself. It’s not uncommon to hear how their app idea is better than X company and is worth a trillion dollars. That’s all great but until action has been taken anyone can exaggerate. Some of my apps that I thought would succeed actually failed while others that I didn’t have high hopes for is doing pretty good.

Should you Share your app idea with friends and family?

My answer is no! The reason behind this is they are too afraid to be honest with you. Also because depending on how your app performs isn’t what your friends or family thinks, it’s how the market responds to it. Is it in high demand? Does it solve a problem? Market research is a valuable thing to do prior to execution of your app idea.


So you have an app idea, the first thing to do is Google up on how to make apps. Learn how to code, publish to app stores, and make it happen!

Let me know how it turns out. If all else fails you can always hire developers too. Maybe I’ll lend a hand for you. Good luck!



When you think about successful people and how they achieved success what comes to mind on how they were able to reach such possibilities? Do you think it was luck? Oh he was destined to be wealthy because of this or that? Do you really think wealth happens without earning it?

I can’t speak for miracles but I can from personal experiences of putting in the hard work, day in and day out persistently. My friends and colleagues remember my first app published and are still in awe when they hear I’m still doing apps as if they thought I was going to quit years ago. Nope, I don’t give up that easily! I’m also not an expert but I am trying my best at what I do.

There’s something about writing a piece of code and watching these devices do exactly how and what you want it to do that amazes me.

Call it passion, obsession, or a habit of wanting to learn and try new things with new technologies and programming languages. I had my first light bulb moment when playing around with C++, but I finally have found my outlet in mobile app development. This all didn’t happen overnight, it took time of learning, trying new things, and taking risks.

“Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan Press On! has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.”

~ Calvin Coolidge

So let’s start today to put your idea in execution! Keep at it and let me know how it turns out in 5, 10, and 15 years from now. We have to remind people who want it now and quick, that success doesn’t come overnight. Those stories you read about “overnight success” is bullshit! Everybody has an idea that they think is worth a million dollars but no one wants to execute and make it happen. Quit saying your idea is worth something and see how the market reacts to it first. All the talk about raising capital for an idea is great but the guys who can build a business themselves and make it work are what I refer to as entrepreneurs.

James Dyson – Created dyson vacuums, it took 5,127 failed prototypes and 15 years before his overnight success.

Gary Vaynerchuck – turned his families wine business from $3 million to $60 million in 5 years. Awesome dude, hope to meet him one day.

Colonel Sanders – the KFC guy got rejected over 1,000 times for his chicken recipe but still went for it.

So whatever your passion is go for it, don’t let family or friends tell you what to do because they failed in life, do what drives you so that success can find you. Don’t take advice from a quitter. If the person you take advice from never had a business, failed and gave up, or never take risks in life then its probably good idea to ignore it.



Which is it, are Macs better than PC’s or are PC’s better than Macs? Well that all depends on how you look at it. I grew up as a PC guy since Windows 98. I built a few custom PC’s back in my high school years and loved the freedom to customize it the way I want it, using the software that I want, be it Linux or Windows operating systems.

Fast forward to starting my app business 2012 with only a PC laptop I was set out to make my first app for Android. During the learning curve of using Eclipse IDE editor and Gimp for editing photos I’ve ran into quite a few problems with my PC. These weren’t uncommon to me since I am considered a “power user” meaning my machine gets used daily, hours on end. I had to replace my hard drive once a year, and reformat Windows once every other month it seemed. Blue screen of death was common, especially when running java compilers such as Eclipse. I pushed my machine to its limit every day I could. In doing so, I lost precious time of hours, even 2 days before I could fully reformat, do all Windows updates and install all software needed. While I was used to dealing with down time on a PC I didn’t think any other computer could be better, I mean c’mon, PC’s are better than Macs right?

My apps were published on Android and sales were starting to come in, it wasn’t much but it was something to make me say I’m on to something here. During this time all the talk was about how iPhone’s are better than Android devices. Yes, you guessed it, I was an Android fan as well who knew iPhone’s are not better! Time went by, it wasn’t until around 2013 that I finally went for it, I bought a iMac and an iPad to set out to port my apps. I told myself I’m only using this Mac for programming, nothing else!

Well, I am writing this article in 2016 and have gone through some changes. PC’s are no longer my primary devices, Androids are not either, I’m an hardcore Mac and iPhone user today. The reasons for this is for one reason, and that is how much time it saves me by being reliable and not crash on me every month! Since owning this mac back in 2013 I have only witnessed 2 crashes. For my Windows development PC I still struggle with all the long updates and glitches, its even updating right now as I type up this article. The mac has freed me from the slow unreliability PC’s have. So there you have it! Time is everything. I do however have to give credit for the newer versions of Windows and how much faster they are booting up but that’s about it.

In closing, this article isn’t meant to bash one technology over the other but to help explore and try to open the minds of the denial. For if I never experienced a Mac for myself I wouldn’t of known this. Time is ticking no matter what we do, just make sure your benefiting from using the right tools to push you forward in life.


Back To School

It’s that time of year again where students prepare for back to school! Before you send off the kiddos, make sure they grab a few of these apps to have them be more organized and prepared for school.

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links.


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This app goes hand in hand with APA Citation Generator as it helps speed up your thinking process and get the essay started. Ever get stuck trying to know what to say in your essay or how to start it? Then this is the app for you! It takes in your opinions and spits out a thesis statement, over 9 to choose from with essay outline guidelines. This is a must have for any essay writer!

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  1. MLA Citation Generator by JG

For those pesky MLA format essay requirements, we have MLA Citation Generator! Not all school use MLA format but if they do, make sure to download MLA Citation Generator to help you generate in-text citations and references! Same features as APA Citation Generator with a template sample document to download. Very useful app to have.

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  1. iHomework 2 by Paul Pilone

This app is great at keeping you organized. Track your classes, teachers, and projects. Available on iPhone and Apple Watch. Give it a try, it might be a great solution for you.

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Nice app for the Mac that let’s you scan Wifi signals and can access all kinds of information. This app isn’t just great for trying to find wifi access at school but also for around town such as coffee shops.

  1. My Grades & Homework by Roxanne Brittain

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APA Tutorials

Feel free to reuse this template document for your essays. It’s already formatted to comply with APA™ formatted essays. If you need help with in-text citations and references download Citation Generator today!



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House Flip Analysis

House Flip Analysis, the best mobile and desktop app available on the market for real estate investors today!

The purpose of this article is to help new real estate investors, users who bought my app, and the experienced to refresh on these terms and what my House Flip Analysis app is intended for. This was requested by one of our awesome users so thank you for the idea and keep them coming guys! One thing I love about software is the ability to use creativity to solve problems and also since the technology is so fast and readily available globally, changes can be made in hours.

Features that should be in every real estate investors toolbox:

  • 70% Rule
  • 65% Rule
  • 60% Rule
  • Fix and Flips
  • Fix and Flip Rehabs

What is the 70% Rule, 65% Rule, and 60% Rule?

The 70% Rule is used today and is well discussed among the real estate investing community. This technique is nothing more than a way to find the highest bid you as the investor should ever pay for a property. That is a property your looking to flip, wholesale, or maybe even turn into a rental unit. The reason behind this technique is to help try to have a safe guard for your investments with enough equity room to play with. One thing to remember is that while this technique can help calculate the numbers for you, there is no guarantee in buying and selling real estate. A lot of people lost more than their shirts back in the 2008 economy so this is why when we invest, only do it when the numbers make sense and your intuition is giving you the green light.

Before I show an example of how this can be used, let’s throw some definitions for these investment terms I’m about to list.

  • After Repair Value (ARV) – This is the value of the property AFTER you fix it up. Investors usually can buy cheap property by the pennies on the dollar because of how poor the property condition is. So the concept here is basically the value of the property after it’s been fixed up. For realtors and home sellers this is the comparables (comps) aka how much your house is worth.
  • Repair Estimates – When looking for properties to flip we are allowed to checkout the conditions so while we do walk throughs in potential properties we can jot down what needs to be fixed and get quotes from contractors in town to try to give as much accurate repair cost as you can.
  • Misc – This misc section covers all the nickels and dimes escrow adds to your transaction. Items such as closing costs of 3% if using any realtor(s), taxes, HOA, title company fee’s, etc… If you flip houses in California I hear they tax you for the air 🙂
  • Buffer – This is a safety blanket just in case homebuyers need help with down payment, unexpected property repairs, or pretty much for anything. There has been times when homebuyer won’t close on transaction unless something is fixed or upgraded for them on your expense. So don’t think that by having a 5% buffer percentage is greedy because after its all said and done investors could be out of pocket for the whole deal. Almost every real estate transaction does not go as planned. Prepare for the worse and hope for the best.
  • Wholesale Fee – The idea of wholesalers is someone puts a property under contract to sell that home for the homeowner. This individual takes the contract and tries to sell it to another investor for a fee. If the deal is good enough usually at least 30% margin then the wholesaler can make anywhere from couple hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. The wholesale fee is negotiable among the wholesaler and investor. Wholesalers are valuable because they do all the dirty work on drafting up contract with homeowners who want to sell their property and all investor has to do is close on the transaction with cash. If your the investor in this scenario make sure to do your due diligence by checking all facts, go over contract, walk the property, research the title to make sure its a clean title, etc…
  • Maximum Allowable Offer (MAO) – This is the number we care about, it tells us what our maximum bid amount is for this property. Never go above this number no matter how much ego you have, don’t do it! There is situations where you could of bidded more but there’s too much risk to take by not going by the 70% rule. Investors don’t let other investors overbid on properties!

So after going over those items I hope that helps you understand all the terms. Let’s checkout an example using the 70% Rule:

After Repair Value (ARV): $198,000
Repair Estimates: $15,000
Misc: $19,800 (10%)
Buffer: $9,900 (5%)
Wholesale Fee: $500

Maximum Allowable Offer (MAO): $93,400

The only difference from the 70% Rule, 65% Rule, and 60% Rule is the percentage value that is put in the whole calculation. Investors use different rates but the most common is using 70%.

70% Rule
(ARV x .70) – Repair Estimates – Misc – Buffer – Wholesale Fee = MAO.

65% Rule
(ARV x .65) – Repair Estimates – Misc – Buffer – Wholesale Fee = MAO.

60% Rule
(ARV x .60) – Repair Estimates – Misc – Buffer – Wholesale Fee = MAO.

The calculations are easy but when dealing with these numbers on a daily basis with several properties software like House Flip Analysis helps make life easier by calculating it for you and saving property addresses and all the numbers to lookup later.

Fix and Flips

This calculator focuses on the expenses of your fix and flip investment. It asks for you to input address, arv, repair estimates, misc, buffer, purchase price, cash needed, down payment, interest rate of loan, years of loan, monthly insurance, propter taxes, homeowners association (HOA), monthly electricity, water, and trash. After filing this out you will get a report on your total pre-tax profit of this fix and flip. If the number doesn’t make sense walk away from the deal. Its all about numbers in real estate so this calculator will help you know the costs. Also in this report shows all the details you inputted along with your monthly mortgage payment, and a profit forecast showing 3 different profit numbers based on time on market. So if you can’t sell this property for 90 days it’ll show you what the profit will be, then what it is in 180 days, to 270 days. These are valuable calculations to have when flipping properties.

Fix and Flip Rehabs

We save the best for last! This calculator focuses more on the rehab costs to find the profit margin $$$$. This was actually requested by one of our awesome app users.

It asks for property details and items around the property that needs repair work done, along with 5 empty text fields for custom item names and dollar amounts. Simple, concise, and straight to the point, show us the margin potential!


My goal of writing this article is to help identify certain terms used in the real estate world to those new and also a refresher for the experienced. I hope this was insightful and explained everything, if not comment below or send me an e-mail. Feel free to share and tell your investor friends about this app. Real estate isn’t only about investing with properties, its also about your friends too 🙂

Cheers to your success!

indie app developer

Want to be known as the next indie app developer millionaire? Want to get out of the rat race and be your own boss? Do you want to call the shots and be in control of your financial destiny? Great! But before I continue let me be completely honest with you… While this is possible, it won’t happen overnight. If you want success badly you will get it, just know it wont happen overnight. I want you to think about that for a second. I know I like things straight to the point, concise, and everything done right now but unfortunately that’s not how the world works.

Point #1: It takes time (months, even years) to reach success so have patience.

I remember my first year making apps I only made $9.51 for my first app for Android™ back in 2012. After experiencing and getting my feet wet in the app industry I knew I could make some extra income selling apps I did some more research and started making more apps. Today I now have over 32 apps published on over 5 different app stores. My income has grown tremendously since then with each year projected to bring in more than previous years.

Point #2: Experience by trying new opportunities, tactics, marketing, and see what sticks.

I’ve recently published apps to Windows even though all the hype is against developers to do it. Well it seems to be paying off well for me. I make more on Windows than I do from the Android™ market. I see tons of opportunities.

The message I hope to send out to you is that anyone can be successful in the app industry. The more apps you publish, the more you will earn. If you really think about it, its just a mathematical equation. Publish more paid apps of some value and the market will pay you for what its worth. I’ve earned around $1,000 a month, my next goal is to reach $5,000 so to gain that goal of mine I need to publish more valuable apps. Also beware that earnings each month are not always consistent. One month you may see a spike and next everything falls to hell. This business is a never ending roller coaster ride, buckle up bitches it’s going to be bumpy.

Point #3: Being in the app business and especially an indie developer in this industry is not for the faint of heart.

As an indie developer myself and all the things I personally went through I believe it was well worth the troubles. I view it as a learning curve and more of how I’m able to overcome challenges than anything else. I mean.. let’s put this in perspective, everything is all in your mindset. If you want success focus on that, if you want 100 apps, focus on publishing that many. It doesn’t matter what obstacles are in your way as long as you have a solid goal to chase, nothing can stop you. Don’t focus on what can get in your way, focus on how you can overcome those obstacles to get ahead. Take baby steps, one at a time.

Point #4: Set goals to strive for. Write them down every single day. Law of attraction or God or some kind of force will make it happen in your favor.

There’s going to be struggles, such as learning how to code, how to deal with different app store requirements, what to do if app is rejected, negative user reviews, keeping up with new features,testing your apps on new devices like latest iPhones, bugs in app, etc… This is all just part of the app business. If you don’t have patience then don’t bother trying because failures will happen. Everything in the tech industry is fast paced, your app could bring in top dollar one day but get taken out the next day.

Point #5: Patience can be learned. I learned it through my marriage 🙂

All jokes aside I’m going to be honest with you. All successful people work hard every single day. Hard work with patience and persistence for years is what it takes. I work all 7 days of the week but I love what I do so it doesn’t seem like work. There’s no other way around hard work. You are either a lion or a sheep. Become a lion and attack!

Point #6: Don’t pay someone to tell you how to run your business, try it for yourself. You will fail but it’s through failure that we can learn and grow.

Being a father myself I try to tell my son not to jump off from our furniture in the house but he doesn’t listen. I try to warn him so he doesn’t hurt himself. For me I understand this and no matter what I do to try to stop him he won’t stop trying until he learns his lesson. Surely enough he did get hurt from jumping off the furniture. From that day he hasn’t jumped from our furniture anymore. This same principle can be applied to how adults create businesses as well. Some wiser gentlemen have experience and know what not to do and for some reason we all ignore the warnings and fall into the trap ourselves. I think by facing failures that I personally come back stronger, whereas if someone warns me what not to do I just do it anyways. So I could pay someone to follow their system that works for them, thats great, but that doesn’t mean it will necessarily work for me.

So do you have what it takes to be an indie app developer? There will be struggles, sleepless nights, obstacles, and years before you could be successful. Some of your apps wont make money while others will. Is it worth it? I truly believe so otherwise I wouldn’t have invested my time and energy in the apps I create, and this new blog. The work is hard but you get back what you put in this business. Question is: what are you going to do now? The opportunity to make a great living is live and well today more than ever. You just need the drive and hustle to make it happen. When there is a will, there is definitely a way. Go make something happen today!




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