Affordable Lawyers For Indie App Developers

In the business world, if you have a lawyer on your side, that brings a certain type of power over your competitors and clients. It’s the power of having legal counsel available at your disposal, and at any moment you can utilize that power to pursue legal matters to enforce the desired results.

I personally think legal system is a nightmare and do not support it but at the same time I also need to protect myself and that requires having a law firm on my side.

Having a lawyer can cost you some big bucks, over $100 an hour for the best ones. However the good news is that we have options on affording to have access to law firm 24/7. This is where I personally have my own membership from.

Top great features of the Family + Home Business Supplement plan which costs $29.90 a month,  is:

  • Unlimited phone consultations with top notch lawyers.
  • 24/7 access to lawyers if I ever get attained or arrested. I have a member card in my wallet just show that to the police officer. The card says “If it is your intention to question, detain or arrest me or if you intent to remove my children from my custody, or serve me with a warrant, please allow me to call my attorney immediately.
  • Lawyers can read contracts and explain exactly what it means for you.
  • Free Wills done for you and your family.
  • You, your spouse, and dependents all have access to your membership if wanted for same small price.
  • For legal matters beyond this membership you get 25% off.
  • Lawyer can write or call person or company on your behalf regarding non payment or any other legal matters.

After I personally have had my membership since 2011 I can tell you some stories of where I’ve had to use my law firm to assist me and my wife. You see depending on the legal matter or questions I have, a different lawyer is assigned to me per each phone call. This means I not only get access to top notch lawyers I get the most qualified who actually have experience in that matter. I’ve had letters sent to a college for an error in classes needed to graduate, resulting in unnecessary fee’s that my wife didn’t need. The outcome of that the college provided full refund, graduation hat and gown for her and took care of us. It felt like royalty. If we didn’t use the power of an attorney then we would of wasted that money. Another use of having my law firm write a letter for me is for a client who became a ghost after I delivered a finish product for him. I do app consultations from time to time but this project where we both agreed on the terms and what I require all was good. Except until after I delivered on my end. Luckily I had some help and legal advice to help me resolve this matter. It wasn’t easy I don’t like it but when you have wife and kids, its a do or die scenario. After the letter was mailed, he finally got back in contact and got it taken care of. There’s a few more stories but you should get the picture by now. This legal service pays for itself, for me at least. The last thing you want is to be vulnerable of being taken advantage of. Just having this membership gives me peace of mind knowing I have options and can get answers from lawyers within 8 business hours.

Get the protection you need not just for your home based business but also for your family.

Sign up for your own membership right now.

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Disclaimer: I’m an independent associate from LegalShield. I make a commission from sales. While I do this to earn some extra money I can also tell you how this membership has personally helped me and my family. All I want is to help you be protected with legal matters.

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