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Citation Generator

Citation Generator helps create in-text citations and references for American Psychological Association (APA™) Format 6th edition.

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Tip Service Calculator

The best Tip Calculator available in the app store! This is not just an app, it’s a tool for everyday use, everywhere you go!

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House Flip Analysis

Best Real Estate Investing App on the market! Run potential fix and flip numbers before placing bids on houses. Follow the 70% rule and only invest when the numbers make sense. House Flip Analysis does all the work for you so you can make wise investment decisions.

Go to Thesis Generator

Thesis Generator

Creates thesis statements based on your opinions supporting and opposing topics.

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MLA Citation Generator

Helps create in-text citations and references for Modern Language Association (MLA) format 8th edition essays.

Go to Mortgage Debt Calculator

Mortgage Debt Calculator

Mortgage Calculator is your best friend when it comes to knowing how much a prospective home loan can cost you per month. Easily determine your monthly payment, how many during term of loan, know your debt to ratio, and more!

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Paycheck Estimate

Paycheck Estimate helps identify estimates on how much your next paycheck will or can be.


“A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor” - Franklin D. Roosevelt
It all started December of 2011

that I, Jonathan Gillman (JG) first came possession of one of the first Android devices to hit the market: Google G1 (HTC Dream). That was when the inspiration of creating apps came about.

Now that mobile is the future of technology and still has endless opportunities for app developers it was really a no brainer to jump in. All I knew is that I want to be apart of this and never looked back.

Today I’m an independent mobile app developer. Everything I do is self taught from designing, programming, graphics, you name it, I do it. I also thrive on learning new technologies, reading, and taking on challenges.

Be sure to check out all the available apps, read my blog, ask questions, and sign up to the e-mail newsletters for app updates!



Jonathan Gillman

I make it all happen.

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